How Cloud-Based Phone Systems Can Boost Your Business

How Cloud-Based Phone Systems Can Boost Your Business

Adapting new business trends go a long way in securing a good future for your business. No one wants their organization to be a one-hit wonder, and staying updated is the only way to deal with the competition.

This requires knowing what current trends in technology are, and how they can support your businesses, for more profit generation. One such technology is the cloud phone systems. It is an easy to use technology that could end up saving you money and also modernize communication.

What Is the Cloud Phone All About?

The most important factor that determines the success of any business is the medium and quality of communication that it maintains, with its clients, as well as internally. This would mean continuously staying connected with vendors, customers and prospective customers. However, this process is hard to maintain at times.

Onsite telephone systems have lost their relevance, and most businesses have migrated to cloud-based platforms. While being extremely easy to set up too, cloud phones do not have the restrictions of conventional telephony systems.

In addition, they are highly flexible and cost efficient, making them an overall popular option for enterprises.

Cloud phones are hosted by third parties, offsite. This allows businesses to operate without any geographic restrictions.

There are several advantages to using cloud phones. Some of the most significant ones, that inadvertently lead to lower costs of operations, and modernized communications are:

●    An Integrated Communications System

Cloud phones are easier to deploy and they make sure that employees are connected – no matter where they are. In addition, it makes sure that your business is always present online and is accessible by customers. In fact, a research firm called Gartner by Gartner reports that overall business efficiency increases when communication through all means, both for employees and customers, is seamlessly integrated with their day to day business operations.

●    Cut Costs of Operations

Cloud phones do away with rental fees that are associated with conventional phone lines. With the need for PBX, and expensive outlays on it, the cost keeps going down.

Moreover, it makes it easier to deploy resources outside the country of operation, which further cuts down on the amount being spent on communication, via regular routes. Also, it is more growth centered. Adding phone lines as your business grows is easier and cheaper through the cloud.

This makes it an obvious choice for businesses, who have expansion in mind, for the long run.

●    Mobility and Customer Satisfaction

With a world that focuses on customer satisfaction and mobility of services, a cloud phone enables employees to stay connected on the go. They can access features that allow them to login from anywhere, which further allows businesses to function from any place. Ensuring that your employees are reachable from anywhere also makes sure that your business is customer-facing, and this enhances their experience.

In addition, it makes sure that your employees are productive and efficient. This ensures a business with a constant presence, which would make it possible for your business to expand quickly.

●    Limited Requirements

Cloud phones have minimal requirements when it comes to management and administration.

PBX systems, on the other hand, require trained individuals to operate it, and it may require your business to assign a certified employee, or a group of employees to operate them. Maintenance and updates in such a system takes its toll on operations. It also disrupts services, and could be an inefficient and costly method to run a business, and could also bring up the costs of operation.

Cloud phones do not have such requirements. They are hosted off site, and are managed by the service provider, which means that any requirements it may have is fulfilled at the other end. This does not hamper your business, or your customers.

●    Security and Disaster Recovery

On premise PBX stores all your information and equipment in a single location. This makes it vulnerable to a range of accidents, which includes anything from human error to natural disaster.

Cloud phones are able to minimize that risk, with better physical and network security. In addition, they also provide backups in most cases, which ensures that you never lose your data, due to the presence of multiple servers at different geographic locations that store your data. This is a very important feature for any business to operate.

●    Global Reach

The needs of businesses, as well as that of customers, is not bound by a single geography. Businesses often have to cater to needs around the globe. It adapts to the needs of security and scalability, which goes a long way in establishing the reputation of the business at a global level.

In addition, cloud phones enable you to deploy a remote workforce, making it a truly diverse business, and bringing in new ideas. It may also prove to be an efficient method of cost-cutting, if utilized the right way.

How to Update Your Existing Systems to Cloud Phones?

If you’re looking to update your phone system to a cloud phone, look no further. There are a number of brands like RingCentral that are trusted names in the cloud phone industry.

In fact, RingCentral is used by over 350,000 businesses presently, due to their reputation for providing fast and affordable solutions for any device. They can be bought by QnA Tech, who are a name in themselves for meeting all your needs under the same roof.

QnA Tech provides dependable, trustworthy services, which make them a preferred partner for many. QnA Tech understands your unique business needs, and functions accordingly, by providing key services that are Cloud Mitigation, IT Security, Cloud based phones and Managed services. They are willing to deploy a robust and efficient cloud phone system for better communication and customer service.

There could be no better time than now to move to a cloud phone system, and no better support than QnA Tech to help you do the same. This is the move that could single handedly boost your business while bringing in more profits and customers than ever before.

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